Wealthy Affiliate Review – Get Started The Right Way

Wealthy Affiliate Review – Get Started The Right Way

Are you ready to get started on your online journey and just don’t know where to start? I know the feeling, I have been there. I began looking around the internet seriously again four years ago and I have spent countless hours reading blogs, watching You Tube videos and seminars, joining program after program only to be disappointed. Sound familiar?

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Wealthy Affiliate Review
There are many ways to make money one and creating a website is one of the best places to start

There is a better way.

I stumbled upon a website called Wealthy Affiliate. It is primarily a training website, however, in reality, it is so much more. This website will teach you the very basics of setting up a website for free. It will also host that website for you, for as long as you need. You will be required to be active in your training research and write on your website regularly to maintain the free starter membership.

You can see from this lesson below (it can be found in the free starter section), just how easy it is to set up your very first website. You will be asked for an email address to continue to watch the video, but you will not be asked for a credit card. This is truly a free membership.

Before you take a look at the lesson, let me just tell you a little about Wealthy Affiliate.

When you supply your email and password you will be able to log in and do the basic training. There are 10 lessons in level 1 of Online Entrepreneur Certification, and 10 lessons in level 1 of Affiliate Bootcamp.

Benefits for the first 7 days

For the first 7 days you will have some extra benefits such as the ability to ask questions in live chat and write blogs yourself within the membership site. It is important that you take advantage of the training during the first 7 days because once the clock counts down these extra privlages will cease. These extra privlages are to help you if you have any questions about the training.

After 7 days you can still access member blogs, some member training, the basic training and the website that you have set up but you will be on your own.

You can set up two websites under the subdomain Site Rubix, the same as this website is. (yourwebsite.siterubix.com). However, as a starter member, you will not have a lot of the security features or site support that is available to Premium members.

These websites will be hosted for 6 months as long as you log in regularly and work on them. You cannot start and just come back a few months later and expect them to be still active. Have a look at the lesson below. Then if you still want more information, continue to read.

Make Money Online with Wealthy Affiliate

If you want to continue to learn and grow there is the Premium (paid) section.

There are Lots of Training Opportunities

The Premium training consists of another 40 lessons in Online Entrepreneur Certification and another 60 lessons in Affiliate Bootcamp. This will help you turn your basic website into a great website. There are lessons on adding images, videos, promoting through social media, improving your appearance to the search engines (SEO), finding keywords and so much more.

The training stresses the importance of building quality content so that you can be found through organic searches within Google Yahoo and Bing. It also teaches how to promote using Social media and how to earn money through Affiliate Marketing.

There is training provided by individual members as they share the tactics that they have used to build their own websites. Members do this by providing training as well as blogging within Wealthy Affiliate.

This covers a much wider training including email marketing, YouTube and other social media tips and a lot more. Members are making money through Affiliate Marketing as well as e-commerce, YouTube, email and even building websites within Wealthy Affiliate for businesses or for sale. The options to make money online with Wealthy Affiliate are endless.

Each week one member holds a live webinar and this is recorded for everyone to watch at their leisure. All previous webinars are available for viewing at any time. As you can see from the images, there are many topics covered in these webinars. And there is no upsell at the end of it. These are truly informative training webinars.

Help and guidance

There are areas where members offer and receive feedback on their websites so that you can receive an objective view and sometimes members will make valuable suggestions for you.

There is a section where members offer and receive comments on blog posts. Having comments helps you gain better ranking by the search engines so this is a very valuable tool.

Premium members can also blog within Wealthy Affiliate. This has two benefits. One you can share your ups and downs and receive encouragement and help.

Secondly, if you write quality blogs optimized for the search engines within Wealthy Affiliate, these blogs can be found by people searching normally through Google, Yahoo & Bing.

As Wealthy Affiliate is an authoratitive site, the search engines will help you rank. This will not help your personal websites to rank, but it can help you receive affiliate commissions from Wealthy Affiliate without having to promote your posts. A handy benefit when you are looking for ways to make money online.

Premium members have access to Live Chat which is a quick moving section that you can ask questions and generally receive help quickly. This is very active.

If you ever have a question, you can search for the answer from earlier training and blogs by members. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can ask the community.

The community is a group of people, just like yourself, who are building an online business. Many are very experienced and are making a great deal of money and will share their tips with other members. This community is not scared that you might steal their niche.

They appreciate that the world wide web is a big place and there is lots of room for everyone. This community can be your mentors and mastermind groups. Some members will also offer one on one coaching.

Heaps of websites you can build and they will be hosted.

As a premium member you can have up to 25 free siterubix.com websites PLUS 25 of your own domain name websites.

This can be dot com, dot org, dot net or even country specific like dot com.au or dot com.nz. You can access some domains through Wealthy Affiliate, but others like dot com.au will need to be accessed through a local domain name supplier and redirected to Wealthy Affiliate. Easy done.

All these websites will be hosted within Wealthy Affiliate and backed up. You will also get your SSL certificate included in your membership for each of these websites.

This means you will automatically be https, a secure website which is now pretty well essential. Most hosting platforms charge extra for this service.

Keyword Research – the key to making a website great

I have been saving the best for last.

wealthy affiliate
Check it out today.

As a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate, you have access to a special version of the keyword tool Jaaxy.

This tool will help you discover keyword phrases that you can use for blog post titles and headers.

Keyword tools give you a guide as to the search volume of keywords, as well as some other alternatives to get the thought process moving.

The lower the competition of a keyword phrase, the better the chance that your website will be shown to people searching for information, provided that you provide quality content. You can have unlimited keyword searches and make and print out keyword lists for future use.

You can find more information about Jaaxy here. Again, you will need to supply your email but then you can test this tool for up to 30 searches. The free membership is for limited searches.

Website feedback and comments

One of the greatest features of this community is the ability to get feedback on your website and comments on your posts. Comments help improve your website credibility.

Try it for yourself. Get started on your journey with one of the best training websites around.

You can start for free as previously mentioned.

When you discover what a fantastic opportunity this website offers, you can upgrade to premium. Your first month will cost you US$19.

After this you will have an option to continue to pay monthly at US$49, six monthly US$234, which works out at $39 a month or annually US$359 which works out at just under $30 a month.

REMEMBER this price includes hosting of up to 50 websites, continual training and help and access to the keyword tool.

Click on the button below and head straight to Wealthy Affiliate and check it out for yourself. All it will cost is your email address. No credit card required.

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