Project 24 review

Project 24 review

Who is Project 24 for?

I believe that this course is for anyone who wants to create a niche website or blog. It is a very structured step by step course that is up to date with its training and offers some features that are particularly helpful to learners. It starts with the very basics and moves forward from there.

Who is behind Project 24?

Jim and Ricky are two internet entrepreneurs and their website is Income School. They are sharing their website creation tactics with members. They are two very down to earth people and they are very enthusiastic in their approach to sharing and this shines through in their videos. These two can also be found on YouTube and their channel is also called IncomeSchool.

Project 24 Review
Can you benefit from a step by step plan to build your niche website?

They offer a lot of valuable tips and ideas on their YouTube channel and there is a lot more in their course that is not included in the YouTube videos. These two have built websites from scratch and share with the members their successes and failures and the formula that they believe, if followed correctly, may help members to have a website that is earning enough money to replace their normal income.

I must point out that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme and Jim and Ricky do point out that it takes a lot of good quality content in the correct niche together with correct monetization and tactics, NOT some underhand black hat tactic that will get your website to this point.

What is in Project 24?

The mainstay course is a 60-step process starting from scratch and outlines a plan of action to set up and grow a website as you learn. They also offer help on choosing a niche which often gets people stumped and they give guidance as to how to come up with ideas for your website, blog posts and blog titles.

This course, together with the others within the website, are constantly changing and content updated to ensure that the information is still relevant and accurate. This is one feature that I am thrilled about because I have found other courses where old information is still presented even though it may be a small part of the entire video lesson. Many course owners do not redo their videos because of the time it takes to do so. Jim and Ricky are different in this regard.

New Lessons are constantly added. This means that once you have completed your course and have your website up and running according to the 60-step plan, you will still have information updated and added as the internet changes direction.

As this website membership is ongoing, this means that you will still continue to get value for your money. Ongoing membership means that we can revisit the steps as we start subsequent websites and continue to review lessons to ensure that we have understood everything and are still taking the correct action for continued growth.

The building process.

An over the shoulder view is given of some websites that Jim and Ricky have built and are building to show members the actions that have been taken and results. This is to show that they are building websites rather than just talking about it.

The Forum

Project 24 review
what are the features of Project 24?

The website includes a forum which is well laid out and members can ask each other questions and get help from within the community.

I believe that community help can make a huge difference to a learner and can help them gain confidence and keep them going when times get tough, which no doubt they do for everyone.

Members can also see the questions of others so that you can learn from the problems others incur as they create their website.

The community is also used for business networking and people can often find help from other members when it comes to tasks that you may need assistance with. I do stress networking, as opposed to spamming the community.

As we move to a video and image driven future, the written word is important but so is creating good images and videos. Project 24 has a separate course to help people learn photography tips to help improve the quality of images.

Weekly Podcasts.

Project 24 has weekly member only podcasts in which Jim and Ricky share conversations under topics relating to building websites. The internet is ever-changing and so are the algorithms of platforms and up to date information is vital to the success of our websites.


This is a new feature and Jim and Ricky share current tips and nuggets of information to help you.

Website Feedback & Reviews.

There is a special section for feedback on websites. The community will give feedback on our websites to help guide us on our journey. Websites are also reviewed to give some guidance on where people have gone wrong to help you learn from other people’s mistakes.

Other courses within the website.

There are a number of courses to give more specific information where it is required. This includes SEO, email marketing, hiring and training writers, motivation and mindset, getting traffic and improving and speeding up your writing.


There are some downloads to help you including ideas for niches and post templates.

Affiliate Program.

Like most businesses today Project24 has an affiliate program so that when bloggers, like myself share our findings we can receive a small commission if you click on my link and decide to purchase. You can see full details on my affiliate disclosure page.

Affiliate marketing is one of the main ways that bloggers earn money, however, it will not cost the purchaser any more.

Affiliate Plugin.

Members will get access to a plugin developed to help with placing affiliate links on your website. This is designed to automatically add your link to each website that you sign up as an affiliate for on the run. This is time saving and extremely helpful.

A step by step plan.

Do you need a step by step plan of action to help you build a website from scratch, or improve your existing website?

Project 24 review
A step by step plan to guide you to create niche websites

I do believe that this course will be very advantageous to everyone looking for ideas for growth.

These tactics are designed to provide a quality website and quality content and are not ‘black hat’ tactics that may later get banned and cause you grievance with future algorithm updates.

They are sound tactics based on creating content that is designed to help the user and provide a quality experience.

This I believe, is exactly what Google and the other search engines are looking for.

I believe that Project24 is a must have in the learning process of creating websites. I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate and I believe that these two programs combined make an awesome combination and complement each other beautifully.

My affiliate link below will take you to the Income School Page where there is even more information on Project 24.

Check out Project 24 today.

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